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Beaumont Properties are the owners of “The UN-Common Rental” and “Character Properties with Style"


An longtime expatriate couple, now relocated in Northumberland County, we have been renovating and managing buildings since 1997. We believe that renting can be a financially savvy move in today’s real estate market, and we understand that you are not just any renter.  We aim to provide you with the same type of amenities you would expect from your own home, without the additional costs.  




The UN-Common Rental has grown from our own personal rental experience from living abroad - we know that a rented home can truly be lovely. 


Our buildings are renovated to enhance their individual qualities and unique details and reflect your desire for a peaceful sanctuary where you can find a place to call home.  We value intelligent design, natural materials, light, and quality construction.  A connection to the outside is especially important for us, great walking scores, and a fabulous community matter to us, and we know it matters to you too. 


Providing awesome places for great people to live makes us very happy.   If you are a tenant, an investor, a seller, or a neighbour, please reach out to us - we would love to share our vision with you.

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