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119 Strachan


the DAIRY 

              on Strachan

The DAIRY on STRACHAN had its humble beginnings as just that - as the faded and worn milk ticket stubs dated 1945, for 3 pints, found tucked under the fieldstone foundation can attest. 


Sensitively renovated from its previous incarnations into 3 executive units, the charming 1 bedroom LOFT, & the Spacious 1 bedroom GRANGE - and the light-filled 2 bedroom COACH HOUSE are a perfectly curated blend of old and new.  Each apartment has been fully renovated top to bottom - all updated kitchens & baths, laundry - with high end finishes and lighting - high on design, the units are MODERN and clean. We have worked hard to restore what matters and modernized the rest. 


Besides being an incredible part of history and a great place to live - this charming 1890s Port Hope red brick building holds still another secret - the yellow brick front window lintels originated in the White Cliffs of Dover, and made of the same clay - these bricks travelled to Port Hope in the bellies of merchant marine ships to steady them on stormy seas at the turn of the century, where they have ended up in the Dairy on Strachan.    


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