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114 Strachan


Port Hope Town boasts a sophistication not often found in small communities - nestled in the Northumberland Hills, on the shores of Lake Ontario, Port Hope boasts heritage architecture, world-class cuisine, artist studios, and gourmet farm-to-table producers.  Home to historic buildings, trendy shops and happening restaurants, Port Hope is delightfully walkable - its historic street-scape is often to be found in films, its Ganaraska River and her bridges wind through the town.  It is an enviable destination.  Port Hope and its surrounding area is an excellent location to work and live.  

2 trendy units......                     


11 - CROFT - ENTRY.jpeg
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We have a hunch that the Cottage on Strachan had its genesis as a worker's cottage for one of Port Hope's early businesses, or perhaps the Dairy on Strachan, directly across the street.  This modest brick semi-detached building has experienced a complete transformation from its humble beginnings and now houses two high-end professional rental units,  CROFT, facing the tree-lined street, and GLADE on the garden. 


Desirable for anyone who wants to live and work in the area, built before the turn of the century - the COTTAGE on Strachan - has all the hallmarks of an old Port Hope building - rich robust red brick, early architecture and a large tree-shrouded lot, and makes an awesome place to live.  


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